Alliance of Swabian Conservation Fundations

The decline in biodiversity – both in our region and globally – is today one of the biggest challenges for us humans. On the other hand, the commitment to nature and landscape has also grown strongly in Swabia in recent years. In addition to state and community conservation, a third, civic pillar has emerged: conservation foundations.

We - 13 nature conservation foundations in Bavarian Swabia - want to further strengthen the effects of this young group of foundations on biodiversity through the activities of each individual foundation and through our networking. For this reason, we have created the "Alliance of Swabian Nature Conservation Foundations".

We want to make visible the need for joint action to the benefit of nature and we want to show the diversity of activities and fields of work necessary for this.

We work together to achieve this:

  • maintain and improve biodiversity at all levels
  • creating, preserving and protecting retreats for nature
  • to make conscious for the importance of the decline in biodiversity
  • encourage individuals to participate
  • raise awareness of the (intrinsic) value of nature

Help us to help! You too can effectively support work for biodiversity. You will find out more about this in the individual foundations of Alliance.