Preamble of the Alliance of Swabian Conservation Fundations


The Alliance of Swabian Conservation Fundations is a community initiative of foundations in the government district of Swabia (Germany) with the task of preserving and promoting biodiversity and to represent their concerns in the public.

All the foundations have formulated the protection and conservation of nature as their own endowment. The entire range of nature conservation is covered by the preservation of species-rich cultural landscapes and the preservation of wilderness areas.

The Alliance of Swabian Conservation Fundations is committed to preserving biodiversity at all levels. To this end, the alliance advocates the decisions of all social groups and can also initiate community initiatives.

The public is to be taught how to deal with the concept of "biodiversity" and to strengthen the social position of nature conservation foundations, by showing their strengths and showing the long-term action.

Within the foundation alliance, the common goal of all the foundations is to promote networking, cooperation, formulate, demand and implement common interests, also to be better perceived in the government district of Swabia.

All foundations of the Alliance of Swabian Conservation Fundations remain free in their activities, according to their individually defined foundations.

Organizational form

The Alliance of Swabian Conservation Fundations is a voluntary association of the foundations.All founding foundations remain legally independent and act on their own responsibility.

Within the framework of a foundation symposium held annually, the objectives and activities for the following period are jointly defined. In addition, the symposium will be used to exchange experiences and provide opportunities for further professional development.

During the foundation symposium, a chairman will be appointed from the ranks of the foundations at the alliance for the period up to the next symposium. The tasks of the chairman are the planning and organization of the next symposium, the coordination of community activities and the scripture.

The majority of the members of the Foundation Alliance, who are members of the foundation alliance at the time of the application, decide on the new incorporation of a foundation into the Alliance of Swabian Conservation Foundations. The application for admission is positively given when a 2/3-majority of all members are reached. In the case of votes, each foundation, which is a full member of the foundation alliance, has one vote.

Founding members of the Alliance of Swabian Conservation Fundations

Dipl. Ing. Werner Josef Hebel

Georg und Margarethe Huber

Nature Foundation


Eleonore Beck

Citizen Foundation Kreuzthal
Cultural Landscape Adelegg

Benninger Ried

CulturalLandscape Günztal

Foundation Future
for Children and Nature


Foundation Elisabeth Barbara
and Parents Spahn

Nature and Culture Foundation
Swabian Donaumoos

Bees Forest

Wilde Argen